Why Custom Speaker Buzzers?

Why Use a Custom Speaker or Buzzer?

For many applications, using an available product off the shelf may require you to compromise on electrical parameters, performance, dimensions, materials or a variety of other potential design factors.

Because ISL Products has design expertise in the United States who work with our design and manufacturing facilities overseas, we have the ability to deliver the product that you need. Often this is simply changing a few parameters on a standard product.  If we can find a standard product that is very similar to your specification, then we can make these adjustments in our manufacturing facilities and save you both time and money.

Don’t sacrifice the performance of your speaker or buzzer.  Call us today to determine how we can produce custom speaker or buzzer to satisfy your needs.

Consumer Bookshelf Speakers

The following websites stock or cover many speakers that we can customize for you. Please refer to the individual sites for more information on products.

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