Four Advantages Of Mylar Speakers

The material used in a speaker diaphragm will have a strong effect on the unit’s sound quality, durability and cost. Manufacturers use a number of technologies but mylar speakers are one of the most popular choices. Mylar goes by the generic name of biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (boPET or sometimes just PET) and you’ve almost certainly seen it. Those metallic balloons that have become popular as society has gained awareness of latex sensitivities are made of mylar. Mylar speakers have a number of benefits, let’s review the four in depth below:

Cost - This is often the number one factor companies look at when comparing different options. Unfortunately sometimes “inexpensive” means “cheap”, which is not the same thing. Mylar is an affordable choice that also provides good quality and other advantages.

Durable - You may have heard of a blown speaker. That means the diaphragm material has actually torn and can’t vibrate as efficiently. The diaphragm material can tear by physical contact but more likely someone turned the volume up to 11 and the excessive vibration cause the material to destroy itself. Mylar is significantly more durable and tear-resistant than many other materials. Mylar speakers are often used in applications that produce very loud sounds.

Moisture Resistant - High humidity can degrade the diaphragm material over time. Speakers that work fine today may get blown in the future because the speaker has been exposed to excess moisture, the diaphragm’s integrity has broken down and the material isn’t able to hold up to the stress. Mylar speakers are highly moisture resistant. You probably can’t use them underwater, but that would be the fault of the other components in the speaker and not the mylar.

Efficient - Mylar is a light material. That may not seem important, since the weight of the diaphragm doesn’t have much bearing on the weight of a heavy speaker, but it affects the speaker efficiency. Remember that speakers work by moving the diaphragm to create pressure waves. A lighter diaphragm can be moved more easily. Light mylar speakers are very energy efficient.

We offer a full line of standard mylar speakers but if you need something special, we also can design a custom speaker for your device.

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