Custom Loud Speakers

ISL Product International provides a wide range of custom Loud Speakers. These speakers vary by dimension, cone type, shape, impedance, power input, resonance frequency and sound level.

A loud speaker is constructed of a cone, a voice coil, a plate, a magnet, a frame & yoke and a printed circuit board.

Loud speakers are usually defined as any speaker that is larger than 20mm in size. Our custom loud speakers typically range in dimensions from 30mm to over 100mm. Their rated power ranges from 0.1W to more than 30W.

Loud speaker membranes can be manufactured with a wide variety of membranes, each with their own set of performance parameters. Choices of diaphragm membranes include paper, plastic and metal. Or alternatively you may want to consider composite materials which could include carbon fiber, Kevlar, glass, hemp or bamboo fibers.

The loud speaker chassis, frame, or basket is designed to be rigid. These are typically cast from aluminum alloy or alternatively stamped from thin sheet metal. Alternatively you may want to consider molded plastic for inexpensive, low-mass drivers.

Or maybe you would be able to use one of our standard loud speakers.