Are Electromagnetic Or Piezoelectric Buzzers For You?

When you are specifying audio signal devices, there are two types of buzzers to consider: piezo buzzers or electromagnetic buzzers. Based on different technologies, each type produces a different frequency of sound and has a different sound pressure level (SPL).

Piezo Buzzers For High Sound Output

Piezo buzzers utilize a physical concept known as the piezoelectric effect, which describes how electricity or electrical polarity is produced when you apply mechanical stress to certain crystals. Lacking the magnet that most buzzers have, a piezo buzzer has an ultrathin piece of piezoelectric ceramic bonded to a disk. Both parts vibrate as a unit when voltage is applied. As the ceramic flexes, the disk produces air pressure waves that humans discern as sound.

By turning up the voltage up to the maximum allowed on the buzzer, you can increase both SPL and frequency, which allows for high sound output. Piezo buzzers use less power. Since they lack a magnetic field, they pose no problems with electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Available in a wide variety of sizes, frequencies, and sound outputs, they offer a low cost, high sound output that makes them especially usable for computer devices, telephones, timers, pest deterrents, toys, and games.

Electromagnetic Buzzers For Pleasant Sound

Electromagnetic buzzers use a magnet, metal diaphragm, coil, pole, and yoke. When you apply voltage to the pins on the buzzer, a magnetic field is created, which causes the magnet to move and the diaphragm to vibrate. When the diaphragm moves, the resulting airwaves produce what the human ear recognizes as sound. These buzzers, which must be lined up for positive or negative polarity, output a more dynamic range of frequencies with strong sound pressure, but have a less defined frequency response than piezo buzzers. They oscillate at only 1900Hz, so they emit a soft, pleasant sound that makes them a good choice for household appliances, medical equipment, office equipment, office automation equipment, and personal computers.

Looking For A Quality Supplier?

Whether electromechanical or piezo buzzers are better for your application, ISL Products International can supply you. As members of a worldwide network of top quality vendors, we can help you make the best choice based on your project specs. After consulting with you, we will source the product with the dimensions, rated voltage, operating voltage, and rated frequency that will work well for you.

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